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Part Наименование Производитель Цена Наличие
335921-B21 (HP) HP StorageWorks MSA 20 Enclosure (SATA to U320 SCSI) 12x1" SATA drives (cache 128mb, 2x hot plug fans/power supp., cbls, 1x VHDCI cbl) HP 141 166 руб. Под заказ
A5752A 13m ESCON Cable HP 9 490 руб. Под заказ
A5750A 16m FC Host Cable HP 5 737 руб. Под заказ
AJ742A 2012fc SC Modular Smart Array HP 326 913 руб. Под заказ
AJ745A 2212fc DC Enh Modular Smart Array HP 604 474 руб. Под заказ
AD520A A 4U controller assembly with two HSV210 controllers, six M5314A 3U dual-redundant FC Loop 14-bay disk enclosures, and four 12-port FC loop switches in a 42U Storage Cabinet. It can be Factory Configured with additional drive enclosures. It can also be fi HP 4 471 977 руб. Под заказ
229198-001 Chassis - For Modular Smart Array 500 and Modular Smart Array 1000 - Includes backplane PC board HP 70 267 руб. В наличии
391672-B21 Clustered Volume Manager LTU HP 71 564 руб. Под заказ
A7382A Disc System 2120 Field Rack HP 48 717 руб. Под заказ
A7382AE Disc System 2120 Field Rack, Empty Encl HP 48 717 руб. Под заказ
A7382AD Disk System 2120 Desktop HP 48 717 руб. Под заказ
A7382ED Disk System 2120 Desktop,Empty Enclosure HP 48 717 руб. Под заказ
A7382AZ Disk System 2120 Factory Rack HP 54 230 руб. Под заказ
A6250AE Disk System 2405 Empty Includes 2 power supplies, 2 fans, 2 link controller cards, 2 power cords, disk slot filler panels, user guide and Command View SDM. No disk integration. HP 232 608 руб. Под заказ
A6250AZ Disk System 2405 Fact Rack Includes 2 power supplies and 2 fans,2 link controller cards,2 power cords, disk slot filler panels,user guide, Command View SDM and rack rail kits.223 HP 233 616 руб. Под заказ
A6250A Disk System 2405 Field Rack Includes 2 power supplies and 2 fans,2 link controller cards,2 power cords, disk slot filler panels,user guide and Command View SDM.223 HP 228 951 руб. Под заказ
AG572A Disk System 2500 Enclosure HP 180 128 руб. Под заказ
AE442A DL100 G2 1TB Data Prot Stor Svr HP 312 759 руб. Под заказ
AE439A DL100 G2 1TB Ext SATA Enclosure HP 309 950 руб. Под заказ
AE443A DL100 G2 2TB Data Prot Stor Svr HP 435 902 руб. Под заказ
AE435A DL100 G2 320GB Storage Server HP 169 845 руб. Под заказ
AE444A DL100 G2 3TB Data Prot Stor Svr HP 558 885 руб. Под заказ
AE436A DL100 G2 640GB Storage Server HP 202 552 руб. Под заказ
AE445A DL100 G2 6TB Data Prot Stor Svr HP 849 592 руб. Под заказ
AG455A DL380 G5 2TB SATA Storage Server HP 558 196 руб. Под заказ
AE446A DL380 G5 8TB Data Prot Stor Svr HP 1 717 312 руб. Под заказ
AG456A DL380 G5 SAN Storage Server HP 409 344 руб. Под заказ
371227-B21 DL380-3.4G HPM Storage Server SAN HP 470 359 руб. Под заказ
371224-B21 DL380-3.4G Storage Server Base HP 245 649 руб. Под заказ
AE449A DL380-3.4G Storage Server Base Model (Proliant DL380G4 X-3.4GHz/800MHz/2MB cache, 1GB (2*512MB) PC2-3200 SDRAM, 2*NC7782 Gigabit LAN, SA6i with 128MB BBWC, 2*36GB 15k rpm SCSI HDD, DVD, FDD, iLO Port with Advance License Pack, Windows Storage Server 20 HP 237 009 руб. Под заказ
371226-B21 DL380-3.4G Storage Server Ext SATA HP 479 635 руб. Под заказ
371225-B21 DL380-3.4G Storage Server Ext SCSI HP 632 728 руб. Под заказ
AG513A DL380G5-SL Clustered Gateway HP 1 463 448 руб. Под заказ
AG514A DL380G5-SL Initial Cluster HP 3 467 597 руб. Под заказ
AG515A DL380G5-WSS Clustered Gateway HP 1 422 948 руб. Под заказ
AG516A DL380G5-WSS Initial Cluster HP 3 377 533 руб. Под заказ
348937-B22 DL580G2-2.8G Storage Server SAN HP 1 105 842 руб. Под заказ
AE454A DL585 2.2G Dual Core Storage Server HP 769 494 руб. Под заказ
123477-001 Drive cage assembly for 10 drives - Includes backplane PC board - For StorageWorks 4310 or 4350 encosures HP 45 218 руб. Под заказ
123476-001 Drive cage assembly for 14 drives (Opal color) - Includes backplane PC board - For StorageWorks 4300 series enclosures and Modular Smart Array 30 (formerly StorageWorks 4400) enclosures HP 69 338 руб. Под заказ
283199-B23 EVA 2C12D-C 60Hz Graphite HP 5 355 866 руб. Под заказ
309620-B23 EVA 2C2D-C 60Hz Graphite HP 2 872 560 руб. Под заказ
AD543A EVA3K 2C1D-C wFSS HP 1 199 670 руб. Под заказ
AD554A EVA4000 2C1D Array Includes one 4U Controller assembly with two HSV200 controllers, one M5314A 3U 14-bay disk drive enclosure, cables, and appropriate mounting hardware. HP 1 084 638 руб. Под заказ
AH051A EVA4000 Starter KIT HP 1 013 287 руб. Под заказ
AD554B EVA4000-A 2C1D Array HP 1 035 816 руб. Под заказ
AD525C EVA4100/6100 Cont Assembly HP 275 016 руб. Под заказ
AJ698A EVA4400 400GB HDD Field Starter Kit (incl 1xEVA4400 Cntr(AG637A), 1xM6412A(AG638A), 8x400GbHDDs(AJ711A), 4xCV 1Tb Lic(T5495A), 1xSS media(T5505A)) HP 1 181 011 руб. Под заказ
283198-B23 EVA5000 2C6D-C, 60Hz, 42U (Graphite) HP 4 096 243 руб. Под заказ
283199-B24 EVA5K 2C12D-C CTO 50Hz 42U Graphite ALL HP 5 355 866 руб. Под заказ

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